I must need a dose of crazy now and again . . .

. . . . and the reason I say that is that I think by January 2013 the entire Living Analog living room, dining room and master bedroom will be mostly reconfigured/rearranged/new/different.  Crazy!

Above is a sneak peek of the plan I printed out and reviewed with the mister last night. Thankfully the kitchen and music room are “done” but I don’t think that will mean they are immune from the upcoming shuffle. 

The other day in her blog post about one gorgeous Knoll sofa, Stacey over at A Goode House asked “What special piece would you NEVER part with at your house?”.  I think the answer for Living Analog is that at this point, it’s all up for grabs! 

After watching Looper this weekend, I really did stop and think about what would I pack up from our house if we only had 15 minutes.  (BTW, such a good, good movie.  I have added Joseph Gordon-Levitt to my boyfriend list.)  I came up with the following short list: a) husband, b) dogs, c) photo albums and d) husband’s great-great-great-great-maybe-more-great-grandfather’s Civil War (Union) certificate.  The end. Oh yeah and food, money, passports and some clean clothes so I could hide out from the loopers that are hunting us down.  Now if I had 1 hour to pack and I knew we were going to a different house, I might add in a few furniture items . . .

So, due to the furniture re-shuffling, things are about to get crazy around here.  The first item on the chopping block is our beloved burnt-orange vinyl MCM 3-seat sofa.  We’ve had it in the music room (see some bad pictures here) and it has lived in the dining room as a banquette for a while now.  I love it.  Husband loves it (he originally picked it out which was unusual for him to voice such a strong opinion on furniture).  We just love change more.

We gave it a big hug and promised to find it a loving new family.  You can see the Craigslist ad here if you know of someone who wants to adopt it.  I hope whomever it does end up with will cherish and enjoy it as much as we have and maybe send us pictures of it in its new home.

So that’s the latest dose of crazy — total upheaval — that I have brought on myself.  Hopefully all this rearranging will make some room for the Danish Daybed sofas from Mister Modtomic to finally make their appearance in our living room.

If Loopers were coming after you and you had only 15 minutes to grab something out of your house, what would it be?  I would never wish that on anyone but it’s good to be prepared at least!  Cheers – CT

2 responses to “I must need a dose of crazy now and again . . .

  1. I’ll play along! I’d grab my husband, cats (though there’s no way I could get them in their cages in under 15 mins, so they might have to be sacrificed. Sorry cats!), computer (photos are on there), some photo albums and because I’d be prepared…my “Looper bag” full of passports, clothes, etc. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the daybeds “in action”!

    PS: Your fireplace/wall post yesterday got me thinking about our fireplace/wall. It needs some color…this weekend, Lowes and/or HD will get a visit from me! Thanks!

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