Tulips are springing up all over

The tulip table is something almost all designers dream about and most end up owning at some point. . . . I’ve been dreaming about them for some time — see my “desperately seeking Saarinen” post from over a year ago . . .

I mentioned a little while ago that I’d gone off my rocker and decided to totally re-shuffle most of the whole house.  I made a detailed list and sent it to the husband with the email title “my evil plan”.  And it included a tulip!

After all the work of hefting, moving and lugging furniture for the Green Shag sale on Saturday, I had a few loose pennies in my pocket and a hankering to check out Modern Vintage Decor, a shop I had found via my friend Craig and his list.  Thanks also to Craig, I knew there was a Tulip table waiting there with my name on it. 

It frees up so much more room than the beer-pong-battered table we had been using before (now in the basement maybe for future beer-pong tournaments).

It’s not the real thing or even a Burke but I still love it and all its one-legged goodness.

The inviting circular shape plays well with the coffee table and softens the whole room.

I even did a bit of fall/Halloween styling, pulling a ceramic pumpkin out of my stash and switching out the white candle holders for these gorgeous turned wood ones that JT’s cousin made for us as a wedding gift.

Yep, here’s the dog shot.  Attack of the two-headed couch chameleon.  I guess they like the new table too . .  .

So that’s step one of the new Living Analog Living Room . . . . more craziness (as ever) to come!

P.S. Happy Birthday (again) Sister!  I haven’t told the interwebs yet but we are planning your wedding!  Oops, I just did.  Now maybe I’ll do a post about it!


11 responses to “Tulips are springing up all over

  1. I love your new table. It totally changes the look and feel of your dining area. Now, see, wasn’t it worth all the work to sell your stuff at the Green Shag sale? 🙂

    • Thanks Dana — it really has changed up our dining nook quite a bit. It also helped point out how uncentered our pendant light fixture is (there’s a beam or some other stupid piece of structure in the way from hanging the light exactly where it needs to be) so I think we’re going to have to swag it. From one project to the next! And I am glad I did the Green Shag sale, if only to clear out some things and make room for the new. I’m all about change! Cheers – CT

  2. Is that, perhaps, a Docksta table? I recognize those place mats as well! Ikea does some great stuff and I’m still bummed out about them skipping STL. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them (but that won’t prevent me from hauling tons of stuff back from their KC shop when it opens).

    • I looked it up online and I think you are right Nick Armadillo, it’s a Docksta. Are the placemats from Ikea too? I’ve had those for so many years I have forgotten where I got them . . . Yikes. Maybe I’m just a walking Ikea advertisement. I like to hope I mix it up enough to keep it from being straight catalog though!

  3. Love the table CT! I love trading things I don’t need or want for something that I will truly love and enjoy. Good for you. Great purchase!! I have a thing for tulips…. flowers and tables. 🙂

    • Thanks Stacey. I must be a trader at heart, I think. As soon as a real Saarinen comes my way, I will trade this baby up the river! Happy belated birthday BTW. Cheers – CT

  4. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of Ikea. Some people tend to knock it, but I really like most of their stuff. I had a Docksta of my own a while back. They’re great looking tables and the best part is knowing that they’re replaceable if damaged. Dining tables, and especially white ones, tend to take a lot of abuse.

  5. I love the way the new table looks! It really lightens up that corner. It was nice to meet you at the flea!

    • Thanks Hannah – it was good to meet you too! I’m on the shy side but it felt weird to just be a blog stalker when I had a chance to introduce myself in person. See you around!

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