Is this the lamp for me?

You guys, I had a folder all set up on my trusty little thumb drive, on which I transport around all my precious blog cargo, to post about my desperate quest for a lamp.  I figured if I posted up on the inter-webs what I was looking for, it would magically appear at my house.


Our living room has no ceiling light fixtures and so we rely on lamps for all of our light in this space.  Next to the “Man Chair” there was a space that needed some illumination.  But we also need a table there to set important things like wine glasses and remotes.  So I began a quest to find the perfect lamp, looking for images or items to add to my little blog folder and post for your perusal.  Items like these:


#1 Similar to a walnut one I spotted at Treasure Aisles Antique Mall.  It was too expensive . . . we left it behind. (Example image from 1st Dibs).  And it would still need a table . . . .

#2 Designed by Jonathan Adler for Lamps Plus . . . really too expensive, although it does have a drink holder.

#3 My retro dream – a tension mounted light fixture that would span from floor to ceiling.  With such a small footprint, I would find it a nice table.  Doesn’t it already look like it was photographed against our new dark grey wall? Sigh.

And then while scouting around the internet one day, I found this on World Market’s site.


Simple , clean lines and on sale for $50?  Includes table and lamp shade?  We went Friday night and scouted it out — we found it way separate from all the lighting, almost into the kitchen department.  So we scooped it up and brought it home before I ever had a chance to post my plight on the blog.

I like a lot of things about it (price, function, overall aesthetic) but I’m not 100% sold.  It’s just a teeny bit too tall and I worry that it competes with the other light fixtures in the room.


(Oh and that’s JT’s latest eBay item just lounging in the living room, like guitars do.)

Here are the other major light fixtures :

1) Pendant above dining room table, just adjacent.  These two shades actually play well together.


2) Brassy arc lamp with pretty wood base across the room.


My other thought rather than ditching the new light is maybe to hit brassy light with some nice black spray paint . . . is this sacrilegious?

So — let’s vote!  Either we A) Return the World Market lamp and keep looking and hope that tension pole retro fixture magically is delivered to our front door or B) spray paint the arc lamp black that I scored at auction last year.  Or maybe you have a write-in ballot C option for me?  Thanks for playing!  Cheers – CT

6 responses to “Is this the lamp for me?

  1. Try sending Secondhand Hannah ( a message. She always seems to have a really good collection of lamps for sale.

    • You’re right — I have always admired her lighting finding skills. I have been looking and looking at the thrifts and never seem to come across anything . . . I need a lighting fairy godmother. Thanks for the suggestion – Cheers! CT

  2. What’s the problem exactly? That the finishes are mismatched? I don’t see a problem with it! Black goes with everything. Brass goes with everything. I say keep the new lamp and leave everything as is! Please don’t spray the brass!

    p.s. I am a relatively new follower and also an STL blogger!

    • Hi Erin — Thanks for stopping by! I hope I can keep you entertained. As far as the lamp goes, I think I am just being passive agressive towards the brass lamp because I’m just not a fan of the finish. I’m not painting it just yet but I don’t know if I can promise anything . . . Cheers – CT

  3. I really like the lamp you bought, and I agree that it works well with the one over your table.

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