New Stuff!

Who doesn’t love new stuff?  I’ve been doing a January purge and somehow having some free space makes me think I need to hit the thrifts (plus we have been on a lamp quest as noted in the previous post . . .)

So what did I find while out and about?


A few little treasures and trinkets . . . (or random junk, the definition is all subjective!)

Like a banjo back from Kenrick Antique Mall.  Maybe someday JT will find a neck and put the whole thing together.  For now I just like it’s shiny (and nearly impossible to photograph) wood grain and cool eagle graphic.


(PS – We had the backdrop all set up for an eBay photo shoot so I thought I would try out my thrift find photography too.  It’s an old bed sheet stretched across the fireplace and clamped with two C-clamps to either corner.  Pretty classy. )

What else?  A little trophy-esque urn planter from St. Vincent de Paul.  I need another planter like I need a hole in the head but I just couldn’t leave this guy behind.  Right now it’s sitting empty on the window sill and I love it even like that.


Some great fabric (about 2 yards and probably 54″ wide) also from St. Vincent de Paul on the same trip.  I had just left the dentist and thought I needed a little treat. . . . Am I the only one who goes thrifting as an antidote to the dentist? At any rate, pillows to follow!


And this cool Moravian Star light . . .


It needs wiring and a good clean-up.  There is one little sliver of glass missing in one of the points but nothing major.  We looked at some places to put this up around the house during the great lamp debacle and I think it may be headed for the bedroom.  Considering they have a slightly larger one for sale at Shades of Light for $269 I think we got a steal!  The ladies checking out behind me at Value Village thought so too . . . I had to run out of there with my new light fixture pretty quick!

That’s my January thrifts — I’m going to try to steer clear for the rest of the month as I do a final purge of the house.  (And then, as usual when I drop off at Goodwill, I make my donation in the back and promptly walk around front and look through all their stuff for something new to drag home.  Oh well, maybe it’s a one in, one out situation.)

Speaking of one in, one out I also reposted the cute vinyl chair we had at the Green Shag Market sale on Craigslist.  The poor thing has been languishing in the basement holding up my wine shelves and it’s time for it to move on to a home free of chair-hoarders.  Do you want to adopt it?  Ad here.



You know everything looks better with a sheepskin on it!  Cheers – CT

5 responses to “New Stuff!

  1. Wow! You really scored. Love everything you found…. but especially the light and the fabric. That fabric is awesome. Of course I’m a hoarder of fabric and I’ll buy it even if I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do with it. This would have been in my bag with the speed of light. (or close to it!)
    You have to keep your calm at times like these. HA HA!

    • Do you mean keep calm and carry on thrifting (with amazing item in your cart?) Oh yes, I’m all over that.

      • Sorry. I guess that got lost in translation. I meant I get so excited over finding things (like awesome fabric that flies into my cart at the spped of light) I have to stay calm so the sellers don’t know how much I really want it. Always the cool one. Great finds, CT.

  2. Great finds! I love the fabric, and the lamp is fantastic. I hope you’ll take some pictures of it when it goes up in your bedroom.

    • Thanks Dana. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will wire up okay — we didn’t have any way to test it since it had once been hardwired and the wiring ends are just exposed. I’m painting some more in the bedroom tonight so in (hopefully a short) time there will be some pictures! Cheers- CT

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