What to do when unexpected houseguests arrive . . .

(Answer: Scream?)

Normally JT gets home from work before I do but yesterday I had to travel for work and arrived home a little earlier (since I also left the house a little earlier at 5:00 am).  When I got home, there was an unexpected houseguest waiting for me.


A bird!  We think it must have come down the chimney somehow. (In my grainy iPhone picture it almost looks like an Eames House Bird.  Don’t I wish.  It was real.  And really terrified.)

Picture this frantic phone call: Me: “There’s a BIRD IN THE HOUSE {SCREEEEEAM}.  JT: “There’s a burglar?  Calm down, what is happening?”  Me: “No, there’s a BIRD IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  Cue hysterical laughing on husband’s end of phone as all his co-workers within a four cubicle radius hear my screeching through the phone.

I finally got it together, opened an umbrella over my head and got the doors open to shoo the bird out.  He left his mess behind.


The irony is that while I like most animals, I do not like birds so coming home to a freaked out one in my kitchen almost put me over the edge.  They’re like little feathered dinosaurs.  However I do have bird decor items, like this little tealight holder from CB2 that is right now living on the new lamp/table.


Why is it that I think something is cute in the ceramic form but not the real life form?

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m going to try to make the most of the daylight this weekend by taking a lot of pictures of things we have going on around the house. . . . more to come (hopefully no more birds though!)  Cheers – CT

6 responses to “What to do when unexpected houseguests arrive . . .

  1. Glad you got it out quickly! This happened once when I was a kid and home sick from school. I remember it flying all over the house! Then, a few years ago, I had a bat in one of my apartments. THAT was scary. I called the landlord, and he did nothing but laugh at me. I would definitely rather have a bird than a bat, but obviously neither is my ultimate preference.

    • I agree about the bird over bat — my sister had a bat in her apartment and they can get into little places and hide. Not so much with a bird. Although that’s too bad about your landlord — he should have sent some one over to get it out for you.

  2. I’ve had that happen before too, and it really is disconcerting, even if you don’t hate birds. I think their panic rubs off, and pretty soon, you have a frantic bird flapping around and a frantic homeowner just making it worse…LOL

    • I was pretty frantic but the umbrella actually helped. It felt like I had a “shield” between myself and the bird because I was pretty sure when I opened the door, he might make a go at it before I could get out of the way. So despite whatever old wives sayings about opening an umbrella indoors, it’s worth it when you have a live bird in your living room!

  3. Gross and yuch. I am not a fan of birds in general. One unfortunate bird also flew down our chimney. I cam out to the living room and found everything sort of a-skew and a-kilter. Then I saw the feathers. Then I noticed the happy cats. I cannot imagine how freaked out that bird was or how ecstatic the cats were. They are indoors cats and are tormented by all the birds in the garden. A sad fate indeed.

    • Our dogs were scared of the bird so the only things left askew were by the bird itself. I think it would have been much more disturbing to come home to a murdered bird than a live bird. Yikes!

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