Up next in the bedroom, an art wall

Now that we’re fully up and operational in 2013, I’m working on getting some momentum in the bedroom. (I’m referring to decorating momentum for those of you mind-in-the-gutter-folks.)  Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of little odds and ends to be framed and I’ve been stashing them away.  This year I want to create two gallery “art” walls – one in the bedroom and another in the living room.

So I began by unearthing all my treasures.


I’m a hoarder.  I had a roll-up tube of things I didn’t even get out because I’m pretty sure it still has a “City of Angels” movie poster from my days in high school working at the local Blockbuster.  Also, the bedroom is still in its redecorating funk (e.g. when it gets worse before it gets better. )

Next I sorted my finds into two groupings based on color and feel.  The grouping for the living room has more of the brighter colors and the grouping for the bedroom is a little more muted.  Nothing is set in stone here but I wanted to get a feel for what I could use.

Here’s what came together for the bedroom grouping:


(Also the extra-large canvas is moving back in from its temporary home in the living room.) Only one item here did I spend actual cash money on — the Bernard Buffet print.  (My art terminology is not good — is it called a print or a reproduction?  It seems to be printed on a thick chipboard paper.)  The rest of these items were either  given to me, like the collage by Susan Springer Anderson or scrounged by me  (everything else).


Nothing is too sacred or too silly around our house to not end up in a frame.  I view everything with the eyes of a scavenger and think about what use and/or re-use I can find for it.

Serendipitously, my sister and I had a date with Goodwill this weekend (the one on Watson) as we were out doing some wedding craft things.  (I also had culled two large bags of stuff to drop off and then in we went as part of my frigid winter spring cleaning.)  Low and behold, six larger picture frames for a grand total of $17.


(Pardon me but it appears this picture has a hint of dog butt as well.  That happens a lot in our house.)  I still haven’t decided what color to keep the frames but it’s a start.  Art wall 2013.

4 responses to “Up next in the bedroom, an art wall

  1. What could this possibly mean.. “hint of dog butt”…. I am lost. But your prints are awesome!

    • Sophie the dog was on the couch next to the picture frames – she refuses to move – so her butt is in the picture. I’ve got some lazy dogs.

  2. HA HA HA! I see that hint of dog butt!!! Cute!
    Lots of great stuff to choose from. I have such a hard time with art and then eventually just give up and hang whatever. Obviously you have some great stuff to choose from so anything you end up with will be awesome.
    I’m with you… anything can be framed and hung on the wall at my house. I MEAN ANYTHING! have fun!

    • My problem was since I couldn’t choose what to hang, I wasn’t hanging anything, just hoarding it in my basement. Those days are over! It’s all going on the walls. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers – CT

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