Ledges: Painted & Hung

Projects move in fits and starts over here at Living Analog and nothing ever stays in the same place for more than two months.  That’s the peril of living with an interior designer.  One of our friends at our Sweetheart Dinner commented that our house is like a kit of Legos — we always take it apart and rearrange it.  I’ll take that as a compliment (albeit a nerdy one!) — we love to reimagine our space and have chosen flexible furniture pieces to accommodate my need for change.

So, change.  Here’s one wall of the dining room over the last few months:


And then, I drug home a bunch of lumber, convinced JT to hammer it all together for me and  — voila! — an art wall!


The real impetus for change here came from my New Year’s resolution to make it easier to listen to music in our house.  I knew I wanted to move the record player, tuner and speakers to a more central location.    So while I was at it, I thought why not add some storage and display space above.  At first I was going to use our Ikea floating shelves but those got repurposed for the Wall of Wine.


That left me scrambling for a new plan and I decided on these ledges from Ana White.  They were affordable and easy to customize — we have about 5′-3″ of wall there so we made the ledges 5′ long to max out the space.  And by going with these ledges rather than just hanging our picture frames right to the wall, it gives us flexibility to change things us as the mood strikes (which, as you know, with me is often!)


Right now I’m displaying some of JT’s record collection along with some art pieces we’ve collected or been gifted over the years.  I still need to get some things all the way into their frames and finalize that mysterious blank canvas.  I’ll be back with more as I tweak it along the way.  This wall has been surprisingly difficult for me to photograph (wah wah) so I’ll try to get some better pictures for the ol’ blog too.


I’m off to spin some more vinyl and dance around in my sock feet with the dogs. What have you been changing up around the house lately?  I find that all home renovation projects go better with some loud tunes, especially of the Rolling Stones variety and now we finally have a spot to really “tune in”!

Cheers – CT

4 responses to “Ledges: Painted & Hung

  1. Lookin’ good, lady! Lookin’ good!
    I love the ledges and all the pretty things on them. Great idea to create a wall/space that you can change often. I’m like you… I get the urge to move things around and bring in new stuff. This makes it so much easier and fun. It’s perfect, CT!

    • Thanks Stacey! It seemed like a good fit for the space & we’re enjoying it a lot. Husband even selected some vinyl to display that fit into the aesthetic I was trying to achieve, ever so obliging. (He started to figure it out once I discarded a few that didn’t fit the color scheme . . . )

  2. Love those ledges! The wall looks fantastic. And, yes, projects do go better with loud music. I’ve been unloading boxes to Eric Clapton and the occasional tune by Alabama Shakes.

    • Oh Slowhand. Have you noticed he never looks the same in all of his musical decades? I heard some Alabama Shakes on my favorite radio station (KBXR out of Columbia, MO — St. Louis has zero good FM radio stations) and they sounded pretty fun too. Can’t wait to see the new nest!!!!!!!!!!!

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