Style Cure updates

Apartment Therapy has a lot on tap for us as we head through their August Style Cure.  Here’s a quick round-up of where we are on this week’s tasks.

Day 4: Set Up a One-Room Outbox  Oh lordy do I have so much stuff set aside for Goodwill.  A lot of the other items from out back porch made their way to the garage and will soon be headed for Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Check check.

Day 5: Make a Floor Plan Yay!  You guys know I love me a floor plan.  I already updated you guys with the whole house plan that included the formerly secret back porch.  Here’s what I’m thinking for its furniture layout:

J:HOME Model (1)

This project is a “use what you got” project — no new furniture purchases here (unless hairpin legs count as furniture . . . ) I’m even dragging in some alley goodness here . . . stay tuned but this should be good!

The bar cart will be the one I bought back at the Green Shag sale back in 2012.  It hasn’t really had a good purpose until now but has been living in the back porch amidst all the other clutter.  It got a little rusty.  😦


I’m hoping some fine steel wool or Magic Eraser can bring it back without destroying any of the nice patterning — has anyone dealt with this in the past?

The nice thing about Le Bar Cart is that for right now it’s Le Work Cart and keeping all my stuff mobile as I move around the room scraping, sanding and caulking.


Day 6: Let’s Learn About Color  – This is something I do on a daily basis for work so here’s my two cents. I always choose a color that has a little gray mixed into it.  I find that colors without any gray come across as too bright and childish.  Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t painted the same wall in my house four times trying to decide which color I like . . . live and learn.  And then repaint.

I would like to open up the floor for some color selectioning — the ceiling and the trim will be white — what color should I paint the panels?  (Prepare your eyes for some hasty/bad Photoshop magic):

1) All white?


2) A nice pale grey?


3) An inky black? (Drama!)


Hit me with your opinion in the comments.  I’d love to hear it.

Day 7: Clean Your Room  & Collect Paint Chips – I’ll be doing more than cleaning.  Me and the paint brush are about to get friendly.  I picked up this little number from Home Depot:

my new best friend

(Should have taken the picture while the brush was still in the package – duh.  It’s already been a lot nicer as I’ve worked — the handle is a little stubby thing and it’s rubber so it flexes.  No more painter’s cramp claw hands while painting all this trim!  Have a great weekend all.  Cheers – CT

12 responses to “Style Cure updates

  1. Ohmygosh, I have the same color philosophy as you! Only, I say a “color with a little bit of black in it.” Same thing, though. Makes me want to yell at people on HGTV for always painting crayon colors.

    And as for your photoshop swatches, I like the black best, white next and grey least.

    • It’s a good philosophy and I’m surprised they haven’t gotten the memo at HGTV. Although from reading Emily Henderson’s blog it seems like they make paint color decisions differently when it’s going to be on TV because rooms that photograph well for a magazine might look terrible on a TV screen. Who knew! Thanks for your vote on the colors. Cheers – CT

  2. Light greige for sure! White looks blah & black will make space seem smaller.

    • Thanks for the vote cuz. I’ve been so indecisive on this one so it’s great to have input. Hope all is well with you and those cute kiddos of yours. Cheers!

  3. I was in a beautiful hair salon the other day that had walls similar to the greige color, and they had painted the ceiling a beautiful dark charcoal with just a touch of brown in it. The effect was really nice. I can’t wait to see what you decide. My main house has greige walls and white trim and ceilings, so I’ll cast my vote there.

    • Thanks Dana! A dark ceiling sounds dreamy but I’m just not sure my arms are up to it. We have a lot of greige inside the house (Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey) so I still haven’t settled it how it’ll fall. Thanks for voting though — I appreciate it! Cheers – CT

  4. i’m torn between the black and the greige…

    • I definitely think the all white is out at this point but those two are running neck and neck. Thanks for the input! Cheers – CT

  5. mary hershelman

    Love the path of dog travel….got to remember to add that in to my enclosed porch floor plan. Maybe it’s the photo shop but I’d go a little darker in the geige but not quite black.

    • Thanks for the input! The unchoice seems to be a consensus actually. And yeah, our house is pretty well run by the dogs. We’re just here to decorate for them and feed them. 🙂

  6. I kind of like the grey and black.. Curious to see what color you end up choosing 🙂

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