Vacation Finds Part 1

Hey everyone.  It is September and that is mind-boggling to me.  And also exciting because I like September, being the Libra, sapphire wearing girl that I am.

Something else mind-boggling AND exciting is one of my vacation finds.  (See how I transitioned there?  So awkward and great.  Yeah.)  At any rate, back in July I was dreaming of many things and one of them was a vintage tri-fold vanity mirror.  At the beginning of our week off from work, I grabbed JT and towed him along with me to the Green Shag Market.  There in one of the corner booths almost immediately upon entering was my vintage tri-fold vanity mirror.  And the price tag said (only) $22!


Something about the crazy light in my eyes or the way I clutched at the mirror tipped JT off to the fact that I intended to purchase this thing, stat.  He immediately carried it up to the front desk so I could finish making my rounds.  There were a few other things that caught my eye but in the end we only left with the mirror.  Once I showed JT my now-prophetic post with such a similar image of a tri-fold mirror did he understand the insanity he had just been witness to.

And now it’s home, living on my dressing table in our bedroom.  I had this paper lantern light fixture hanging out in the basement of shame.  I’m pretty sure I bought it at Pier One in high school to decorate my peach, pink, green and teal awesomeness of a bedroom.


Still need to hem those curtains though!  Also I’ll probably work on getting the cord rigged up a little better and probably painting the part that shows up against the grey wall.

Methinks I need a cuter alarm clock — any ideas?


The little lightning bolt on the desk I found on the ground in front of the Green Shag on my first visit there.  Since then I have found one other random lightening bolt in the parking lot on my way to work (it’s red vinyl).  I think they keep showing up like little love letters from Elvis, king of TCB and lightening bolts.

This week on Mister Modtomic I am rounding up Panton S chairs.  Wouldn’t one of those look nice at my dressing table?  I do love my little lucite and white vinyl stool though.  And seriously, any suggestions on a working alarm clock that would round out my vignette is much appreciated (and preferably not one I have to wind every day.)  Cheers – CT

3 responses to “Vacation Finds Part 1

  1. Find yourself a Panasonic RC-1091. They’re my absolute favorite modern alarm clock and can be bought relatively cheap.

    I’ve got a couple myself:

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