Hey y’all.  I fell under the work bus again.  Not much for you today – just a few quick teasers.


The back porch!  It’s mostly, almost, all the way done!  Hairpin leg for the win.  More to come.

I’ve been giving the clouds hanging around outside the stink eye because I really want to go to the STL Symphony free concert on Art Hill tonight.  Anyone else going?


Flea market anyone?  How about a De-Flea market.  That’s what happens when animal rescue groups host a flea market – this Saturday at the Green Shag.  Be there or be square.


And more MCM in the Roomo blog posts on Mister Modtomic!  This week will be the Eames LCW.  I’d love to get some ideas/input on any pieces you guys really want to see.  I’m thinking I need to branch out from chairs for a little bit.

Cheers – CT

5 responses to “Teasers

  1. The back porch is lookin’ good! I understand about falling under the work bus. I’m taking 3 Coursera courses online, and I have a ton of things to add to our store website. Sheesh!

    • I think I am functionally unable to multi-task. When one area of my life gets deep, that’s all I can focus on. Good luck with your Coursera courses. . . . I need to look those up and see what they are! (Also, I think you do an awesome job with Mid2Mod for what it’s worth). Cheers – CT

  2. I wanted to go to the concert on Art Hill – saw the set up on my run on Monday. Hopefully the rain wasn’t too bad.

    I like the charcoal / gray paint color.

    • Thanks K! After all the voting, I found a quart of this paint downstairs – it was Sherwin Williams “Porpoise”. Free seemed good to me, so away I went with the paint brush! Cheers – CT

      • Ah, porpoise. A favorite in our office. We had a contractor call it Por-puoise (like rhyming with Turquoise) and so now we pronounce it that way all the time.

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