House Hunting

Hey everyone — it’s Feisty Friday!  Not at your office?  Well aren’t you lucky.

JT and I just flew back from Phoenix (and man our arms are tired) on a very short and very jam-packed house hunting trip.  And in Phase II of the Move To Arizona in a Month plan, we are under contract on a house in the great southwest!

Now you guys all know how crazy the housing/lending market can be so until it’s a done deal and we have keys in our hand, I can’t be certain that this will be THE house.  But for now it is, so here’s a little glimpse…


Basically the reason why we bought it.

Here’s a nice shot that JT caught while we were looking around.  Basically once I am inside a house, anything the realtor is saying (sometimes about important things like new air-conditioning systems or home warranties) falls on dead ears as I stare around me and imagine all the possibilities.  It’s like I’m in a design-induced coma.


And now for the real design dilemma – what color to paint the kitchen?


(Picture from the MLS listing)

Even though it’s not a finalized deal yet, I’ve been decorating it over and over again in my mind (and on my secret Pinterest board!).  And I’ve decided the teal kitchen is the first thing to get tackled, if and when it’s ours.

Have a great weekend! We’ll be purging our basement and filling our minds with decorating ideas.  Oh, the possibilities. . . . Cheers – CT

6 responses to “House Hunting

  1. So psyched…crossing fingers mostly for my visit to jump in that pool!

  2. Looks promising! Yep, you definitely need to tackle that teal. YIKES! You’ll have that place magazine worthy in no time. And then you can take a dip in pool and relax. HOW FABULOUS — A POOL! Hope it all goes well.

  3. Pretty Snazzy!! How great for you two!! Enjoy!

    • Thanks Barb! We’re pretty excited and I definitely feel pretty lucky to have this opportunity to live in the Valley of the Sun. Cheers – CT

  4. good luck with your move!

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