Back in Color Pictures

Hey all.  I think we have conquered Phase One of this whole moving thing, also known as “List Your House”.  We are definitely traveling a lower stress path than a lot of people on our whole moving/selling/buying journey – JT’s company is shouldering a lot of the costs as part of his relocation package.  However we were smack dab in the middle of a few projects when this whole thing went down so it has been a mad scramble over here to get our house picture ready.

So, without further ado, the pictures!  Also, we’re listed!  See us on the MLS here.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The photographer was great and took these super fast.  It definitely makes me want a fancy camera – the old point and shoot just doesn’t measure up.

Image 4

Image 5

Image 7

Image 8

The bedroom!  I never got around to DIY-ing that headboard or hanging up our reading sconces.  Next house.

Image 10

Image 9

The bathroom got a new vanity top and faucet literally minutes before the pictures.  I wish we would have done that about seven years ago.

Image 12

My secret downstairs craft room.  Something I also wish I would have worked on about seven years ago so I could have enjoyed it all this while.

Image 11

The back porch/sun room.  I snagged that little ottoman out of the alley last weekend.  Even with all that’s going on I can’t resist alley furniture.  But to be fair, I gave some offerings back to the alley gods, which they gratefully accepted.  I’m going to miss having an alley.

Image 13

So there you have it.  Our little first house, for sale.  If you or anyone you know is interested in seeing it, please contact our Realtor Stephanie Hug at 314-313-5403.  She lives really nearby  (by the cool house!) and is super familiar with South City, which is a plus.

Now on to Phase II – Sell the House!  Have a great Friday – make it Feisty!  Cheers – CT

10 responses to “Back in Color Pictures

  1. WOW! Your pretty home is going to sell in NO TIME! Amazing photos, CT. I so wish I could use my camera like this. The perspective makes your house look HUGE! I mean obviously it’s a nice size house but the pictures make it look so grand. The lighting is magnifique! Someone will be getting a really special place that has been loved and cared for. How lucky they’ll be! Awesome job on the porch/sunroom, by the way.

    • It must be a lens thing – the fish eye effect definitely “super sizes” our little house. I’m going to try to take some pictures of the house this weekend with my sad ol’ camera to try and capture the way things really look now that it’s all staged up. Thanks for all your support! Cheers – CT


    Evidently, the first time I replied the message did not go thru!!  A cute house like yours would fetch at least 2.5X as much in a good Seattle neighborhood.  My father-in-laws 3 bedroom mid-century split just sold for a bit over $400 in 48 hours.  If you should decide not to take the Baumritter lounge chair and ottoman with you, please let me know (especially the ottoman!)  Best of luck in your move. Elliott

    • That’s why real estate is all “location, location, location”. I love me some St. Louis, but Seattle it is not. As of right now we have the Baumritter scheduled to make the move with us but I would definitely know if it were to change. I think JT may be a little upset with me if I sell his “man chair” right out from under him! Cheers – CT

  3. Beautiful pictures! It looks so much different than the last shots as well. I’m sure it’ll get snatched up very quickly.

  4. The listing looks fantastic! I’m sure your house will sell quickly.

    • Thanks Dana! First showing today. Now they have some crazy internet feedback thing where you get an email almost immediately of what they thought of your house. House hunting is so high tech! Cheers – CT

  5. Diana in Chicago

    Great pics! I can’t wait to see what you find in AZ. Lots of MCM ranch homes out there…and mostly reasonably priced! What will you do with your foster dog? Will he go with you guys?

    • Hi Diana in Chicago – I have seen some crazy awesome MCM homes in Phoenix. Cameron the foster dog has already transitioned over to a new foster home. He now lives with another senior dog and two younger dogs. I’ve been following him on Facebook and he looks pretty content. It makes the whole process a little easier because I was sad to let him go. Cheers – CT

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