Phoenix is being very shelf-ish

It’s an age-old conundrum – once you are seeking something specific, you cannot find it.  The universe hides it from you (or something).  Well universe I need a set of shelves for my kitchen and you can stop playing around now, okay!

Here’s what I’m blabbering about:


Why leave such a random hole in such a random place.  Run the counter top to the corner.  Put in a few more cabinets. You’re killing me Smalls.

What’s really killing me is Craigslist.  I think I may have taken St. Louis offerings for granted but the general style in Phoenix seems to be too much money, not enough good taste.


Above is what I have been finding when I search “baker’s rack” on Craigslist Phoenix.  Not quite our style here at Living Analog.

So, like my “Dreaming Of” post, I thought I’d be more proactive in this needle-in-a-haystack search and tell you guys what I am looking for.  For starters something like this gorgeous industrial bakers rack via Hudson Goods.  This one was listed for $1089 . . . .


Or the amazing Decker Bookcase from Anthropologie at a mere $798 . . .


And one runner-up – the Emerson Bookcase from World Market as styled and lived with by the lovely Jones Design Company.  Getting better on price at $349 but still too wide for my weird little space.


I did find something to buy on Craigslist under my search term “shelves” . . .


Really stunning but at $850 and with nowhere to put it, someone else is going to have to buy this beauty. (Pretty please and let me visit it.  Thanks.)

So that’s what I’m searching for.  A three-foot wide set of shelves that is maybe around seven-foot tall.  With glass or metal or wood or whatever combination of those makes sense.  I know it’s out there and I’m going to keep on keeping on until I find it.  What are you searching for?  Any particular item that just eludes your grasp?  Let’s commiserate.  Cheers – CT

5 responses to “Phoenix is being very shelf-ish

  1. How about the new IKEA Expedit that comes in gloss gray or red or turqoise. It’s less than $100. It’s approximately 31×60, but maybe you could put some cool wire baskets like Crate and Barrel carries (or some of the inserts that are made to fit the Expedit) on top for more height. I used one of the large Expedits in birch and the Knipsa baskets for storage in my bathroom, and I love it. The IKEA Billy bookcase is about the same width, and the 80″ height one is about $60. The birch or white one would probably look fine with your cabinets. Just bouncing some ideas around. I’m sure whatever you choose will be really cool.

  2. I just realized that the IKEA Ivar is kinda the wood version of the World Market piece. It has the same metal cross brace and can be stained or painted. It’s 35×70.5, so it’s closer to the size you wanted, and it’s less than $100.

    • The Ivar could be a contender – I’ve been mostly going along the lazy road and hoping there is something on craigslist I can just bag up and take home but it seems like there may end up being some assembly and staining in my future . . . we’ll see.

  3. I’ve been on the same hunt, but for a different reason: Booth Shelving. I got lucky lately in finding a ton of NIB Ikea Laxvik glass and metal shelves for just $40 each.

    Have you though about putting together you own creation using plumbing supplies? Those always look so good, plus you can get creative with the design.

    • We have considered the plumbing pipe DIY alternative but I think I would prefer glass shelving so the space feels more open. I walked through a few antique mall places around PHX and all the shelving I have really liked is always marked NFS – it’s something that probably took the booth owner a while to find as well and now they don’t want to part with it!

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