Mini-Blinds Get Some Love

JT and I unplugged from our cable a while ago and now just have the basic channels along with Netflix.  With the switch to digital, there arrived some extra channels — one of them is 30.2 “Cool TV”.  Music Videos are back on TV.  Don’t tell MTV, but some people actually like to watch music videos . . .

So we were tuned into the 90s video block (I’m a 90s music girl at heart) and this awesome vid from Veruca Salt popped up – “Number One Blind”.  I had never heard this song back in this bands heyday (click the picture to see the YouTube video – I figured out the video upgrade for this tiny little blog would cost $60 — not quite there yet, sorry!). 

It made me smile — it’s about mini-blinds (among other things).  I got a sample package from Levelor just the other day – we use them all the time at work. 

Too funny.   Anyone else have some good stories of the design world crossing into the real world?

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