Changing it up. Again. And again.

I don’t know how many more times I can post about changes in the living room before you guys gather your pitchforks and torches and chase me from the interwebs but here goes nothing.

We’ve been living with a chair party since the couch left.


(Mostly all of) the chairs I’ve hoarded came out to play.  It was making me feel old though because JT would end up in the “man chair” (the Baumritter lounger with the “Cover Your Lover” blanket on it currently) and I would end up on the Kroehler white vinyl swivel chair, side-by-side like we had suddenly turned into our grandparents in “their chairs”.  I mean everyone’s grandparents did that right — there was a “his” and “hers” chair and don’t you dare sit in it if Grandma or Grandpa were around.  Our original plan was to clear out the old tan sofa to make room for the Danish Daybeds but . . . . after getting some prices to have the foam redone and cushion covers made  it was a jaw-dropping, I-better-learn-how-to-sew-right-now kind of price.  (In reality, the quotes weren’t bad, they’re just out of our budget right now.)

So, what’s in our budget that would allow me to occaisonally sit next to my husband? This little gem from Craigslist.


I had scouted the “list” and found a few options that could work for us, including a Karlstad (Ikea) sofa that looked almost brand new but this guy just tugged at my retro/vintage heartstrings.

I mean, look at it!


It turned out to be in a third floor apartment (no elevator) near Wash U.  The scale was such that JT and I could easily heft it down the stairs and it fit into the Saturn with the back door all the way closed.  So it’s not nearly as big/long as our outgoing sofa but it will nicely fill a void until I get some courage and tackle those daybeds.  Now JT and I can morph back into 32 (and 33 – happy early birthday honey!) year-olds rather than the old people we had become.

Here it is at home and cleaned up a little (good old Howard’s Feed and Wax on the legs and some vinyl cleaner on the seat).


There’s a few tears and age spots here and there but overall I really like it.  It’s a little less white than the ad pictures showed — it is more of a subtle yellow with avocado undertones and almost matches our Eames rocker perfectly.  I’ll be back with another (!) post on how we rearranged the living room a few times to get “Newbie” (as I have named the sofa) to fit into our life and home.

Here are some outtakes of what happens when I try to take furniture photos.  Dogs.  Everywhere.  Cameron is apparently not camera-shy at all, but very interested in being front and center in all photos.  That dog is funny weird (in a good way).


7 responses to “Changing it up. Again. And again.

  1. I’ve tried living without a sofa, and I don’t like it either. I’m glad you were able to find one that fits perfectly in your living room at such a great price! Nice find.

    • Thanks Dana! That was my first time living without a sofa (I had little two-seater “petite” sofas in college even) and it was weird. This guy is too tiny for long-term but who am I kidding, I’m going to change it up in at least three monthes anyways. Sometimes I wonder if I should just rent furniture! That could be an awesome side business for Mid2Mod — constant furniture rental/rotation for all us crazy changer-uppers. Cheers – CT

  2. Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel

    Chair party! It was a super big chair party. My pictures typically have cats everywhere. Annoying but lovable creatures for sure. And yes to the furniture swapping rental business. I am in.

  3. I’m so glad to see this couch went to a good home! I kept looking at it on Craigs and thinking it had that Percival Lafer sort of look, but couldn’t find a way to make it work. It looks great in your place!

    • Thanks Kristen! I was wondering what it was still doing on Craigslist but the scale kind of puts it in a weird category — either too little (not a sofa) or too big (not a chair). I love the look too — there’s no tags or markings or anything on the underside but I’ve definitely been seeing a lot of the hanging leather on a wood frame type furniture out and about on the design blogs. Cheers – CT

  4. OMG!! I have been looking for that same “cover your lover” blanket. My grandparents had that exact same one and we all fought over it as kids. I have been looking EVERYWHERE trying to find one. Where did you get it?

    • Hi Ashley — I actually got that blanket from the Green Shag Market parking lot sale a while back. It came from another STL blogger, Secondhand Hannah. If you look in the right hand side bar of the blog, you’ll see a link to her site. I saw it in her booth and thought it was quirky and cute and I love me some blue so it seemed like a no-brainer. How funny that your grandparents had the same one! Cheers – CT

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