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Bedrooms are Back

Here is my next installment of music turned room scene that I have lamely nicknamed “Set the Scene”.

Ione Skye’s bedroom, featured in Domino magazine.
Photo by Paul Costello, Domino, Sept. 2005.

You guys remember Ione Skye, right?  No?  Let me refresh your memory.

Okay, so that’s not her, but she was the actress receiving the boom box serenade from Mr. John Cusack (whom I love) AKA Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything. 

This bedroom is so light and airy yet spirited and dare-I-say-funky that it’s a hard one to pass up.  Also, I am obsessed with bedroom images right now as I work furiously (at the pace of a 100-year-old tortoise) to reinvent/refresh/reinvigorate the JT/CT bedroom.

So, what music do you hear playing in this room?  For me, it’s the bad-ass Leona Naess song “Mayor of Your Town”.  You don’t want to piss this chick off . . . or get this song stuck in your head — it’s catchy!

Catchy, right?  Everyone needs some “lipstick to kiss kill”.

My very own Fantasia

As a child and young adult my favorite Disney movie was Fantasia.  I loved how the music was visualized in such a unique way.

Reallly, even the way they showcase the actual musicians was so visually interesting . . .

When I get the chance to hear a live orchestra, which isn’t often, I like to close my eyes and make my own “Fantasia”.  So . . . . I have issues and may or may not need therapy as already mentioned in previous posts.  But it got me to thinking about doing it in reverse — seeing an image or space and imagining the music that would play along to it.  I know this has been done all over but what the heck, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.

Let’s “Set the Scene”

For starters, this sexy man bedroom:

I could not for the life of me find where I clipped this image from.  I’ve been using to do a reverse search on images.  Over the last few years I have started right-click-saving any images I loved or that have great ideas.  Now if I want to blog about them, I want to credit them like a good little blogger.  Boo me.  But I couldn’t resist this image so if it is yours, let me know.  And well done.  (I’ll probably get a cease and desist order after this, who knows.)  At any rate, JT and I went to the My Morning Jacket concert last Tuesday night at the Pageant and they rocked our socks off.   So for this space, I thought MMJ Lay Low off their album “Z” would be its song of choice.

08 Lay Low
 This image looks like a perfect place to “pass out on the bedroom floor” as Yim Yames croons about.

I also snapped one quickie photo at the concert.  It’s not good because, well you’re not supposed to take pictures and I didn’t want to get kicked out, I wanted to rock out.

Enjoy your weekend!