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What is this?

Ideas for blog posts have been percolating in my head this last week, sentences forming and reshaping themselves, ideas growing new ideas.  The strangest part is what has emerged – future posts about fashion (gasp), beauty (double gasp) and health (WTF, I know).   But not to worry – today I wrote up a list of things to be done on the kitchen and guest room and we’ve been doing a few things to our outdoor living space as well.  So all is not lost.  I might even get extra crazy and do a video tour of the new house since I haven’t motivated myself to photograph the darn thing yet.

And I’m still out thrifting, I just haven’t brought home any furniture finds just yet (they’ve all been clothing related, hence the looming “fashion” post).  But I did find this guy on the curb in our new neighborhood with a “free” sign taped to his oblong forehead.


So I did the normal thing and dragged his concrete ass home.  Actually he doesn’t have an ass.  Love him or leave him?

(He’s really heavy too – solid built and has someone’s phone number written on the bottom.  867-5309.)

Vacation Finds Part 1

Hey everyone.  It is September and that is mind-boggling to me.  And also exciting because I like September, being the Libra, sapphire wearing girl that I am.

Something else mind-boggling AND exciting is one of my vacation finds.  (See how I transitioned there?  So awkward and great.  Yeah.)  At any rate, back in July I was dreaming of many things and one of them was a vintage tri-fold vanity mirror.  At the beginning of our week off from work, I grabbed JT and towed him along with me to the Green Shag Market.  There in one of the corner booths almost immediately upon entering was my vintage tri-fold vanity mirror.  And the price tag said (only) $22!


Something about the crazy light in my eyes or the way I clutched at the mirror tipped JT off to the fact that I intended to purchase this thing, stat.  He immediately carried it up to the front desk so I could finish making my rounds.  There were a few other things that caught my eye but in the end we only left with the mirror.  Once I showed JT my now-prophetic post with such a similar image of a tri-fold mirror did he understand the insanity he had just been witness to.

And now it’s home, living on my dressing table in our bedroom.  I had this paper lantern light fixture hanging out in the basement of shame.  I’m pretty sure I bought it at Pier One in high school to decorate my peach, pink, green and teal awesomeness of a bedroom.


Still need to hem those curtains though!  Also I’ll probably work on getting the cord rigged up a little better and probably painting the part that shows up against the grey wall.

Methinks I need a cuter alarm clock — any ideas?


The little lightning bolt on the desk I found on the ground in front of the Green Shag on my first visit there.  Since then I have found one other random lightening bolt in the parking lot on my way to work (it’s red vinyl).  I think they keep showing up like little love letters from Elvis, king of TCB and lightening bolts.

This week on Mister Modtomic I am rounding up Panton S chairs.  Wouldn’t one of those look nice at my dressing table?  I do love my little lucite and white vinyl stool though.  And seriously, any suggestions on a working alarm clock that would round out my vignette is much appreciated (and preferably not one I have to wind every day.)  Cheers – CT

Hittin’ the Thrifts

Hey everyone!  JT and I took the last week off work and made a quick jaunt up to the Twin Cities and back.  That may not be considered the world’s most glamorous destinations but we’ve been enjoying ourselves.  The only thing I’ve used my smart phone for these last few days is navigating around the cornfields of Iowa and so it’s nice to be back at the keyboard again.  I thought I’d fill you in a little on what we’ve been up to.

First thing first (this girl has her priorities in order!) – thrifting!  I set a goal for myself of visiting a thrift/junk or antique store every day of our vacation and so far I have done just that — even if it meant a few (only slightly) dangerous driving maneuvers when I’d spot a sign along the side of the highway and holler for JT to pull over.   I haven’t always bought things though — I found the offerings of rural Iowa and Minnesota a little different from what I am used to (and perhaps a little spoiled by) in STL.

Here’s something I did drag home last weekend before we began our road trip — a piece of granite demoed out of someone’s kitchen and broken up to be disposed of at the Des Peres Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Granite centerpiece

Since the tulip table is white and a lot of my serving ware is white, things were starting to get a little too monochromatic for my liking.  I stuck some felt feet on this slab, and threw together a little vignette that has been gracing our dining table ever since.   I like the rugged edges on the granite – it provides a nice contrast to all the smooth white ceramics.  I’m working on putting together a round-up post of all my thrift scores but really we’re still on vacation so there still may be a few more things to find in the next few days . . .

The other thing we’ve been hard at work on is the back porch and then the back deck that extends off of it.  There is a bazillion more pictures and stories and budget breakdowns and furniture finds and other things that go into this one — more for me to work on . . . after vacation!  I also have to get caught back on my Style Cure.  I foresee a late finish for us . . . I figure a late finish is better than no finish at all!

Have a great Labor Day holiday!  Maybe I’ll see you at the pool.  After all, I’m on vacation!  Who am I kidding, I’m much more likely to be swimming around in one of those big bins at the Goodwill by the Pound than a pool.  Cheers – CT

Not the Momma! (Moma)

At our house growing up we used to watch the show “Dinosaurs” and all I really remember is the baby dinosaur (whose mischevious antics reminded us of our own baby of the family) beating the dad dinosaur on the head and saying “Not the momma!”  Like so:

In this case instead of “Not the Momma!” I’m angling towards “Not the Moma!” – as in the New York Museum of Modern Art.  Here’s the back story after that painful transition — JT and I decided to check out a new Savers that opened up in Crestwood a few weeks back.  I was strolling the art aisle when I saw an interesting piece that had a nice plexiglass wrapped frame.  I flipped it over to see the price and was struck by this:


A MOMA sticker?  In the Savers store in Crestwood, Missouri?  For $5, a cool acrylic frame, an interesting composition on the other side and the mystery of a MOMA sticker, we paid up and scampered out.  There were some screws holding the whole assembly together so we got home, cued up the Elvis Costello and began playing history detectives.


According to the sticker and our friend Wikipedia, this is what the front should be.


A gold chloride toned print by the French photographer Eugene Atget.  However Wikipedia also told me that this is also in the Yale University Art Gallery.  I guess that could refer to just the original and maybe there are prints out there.  However,  New Haven is a long way from STL so . . . here’s what was paired up with the MOMA tag:


I’m not good with art terms but it appears to be an assembled paper and ink/paint piece.  The mystery deepens — when I turned this piece over, there was some writing on the back:


“Ciulei (chew-lay) Dancing for the Grey Female” and signed Rev Sullies (?).  Google has not been kind to me on this one.  Anyone have any ideas?

At any rate, I like it and the frame it came in so I  think I’m going to display it on the back porch — there is one little sliver of wall between the kitchen door and the kitchen window on which to hang art.  I still wish it could have matched the tag and I could have had a crazy story to tell on Antiques Roadshow about how I ended up with a French photograph from the 1920s  . . . . Anyone else ever find something so bizarre at a thrift store?  I’m sure there’s some good stories of crazy thrift finds out there.  It’s all about the thrill of the hunt.  Cheers – CT

Goodwill – Pounds of Fun

It’s been a little while now, but St. Louis was recently blessed with a Goodwill by the Pound.  It’s a lot of crazytown where books and glassware are 79 cents per pound and everything else is 39 cents per pound.  They have these giant weigh scales at the checkout that you just roll your cart up on.  My kind of party.  I went when it first opened and it was pretty quiet.  JT and I went a little more recently and it was CROWDED!!!


It’s like a last chance Charlie for all this stuff.  They push out these giant blue bin/trucks every fifteen minutes or so and take others away (for good!  Exterminate!  Exterminate!  Sorry, husband started watching Dr. Who and even I can hear the evil shrieking from the next room.)  The furniture here is usually T.O.A.S.T. but there’s always at least something to be found of interest.

Here’s what I brought home:


Sometimes I wonder why I buy things but the thought of it maybe going away (forever!) means you just have to snatch it up and sent it back to Goodwill in a few months when you’ve regained your senses. (PS – Photo-editing faux-pas – that was supposed to say “produce” not “product”.  Chalk that one up to a Friday!)

So, random I know.  Next door to the Goodwill by the Pound is Warehouse of Stuff where we picked up two somethings for my basement lair/studio-in-the-works.  But I’m still stringing that one out for another day . . . .

Here’s what was going on while I was taking my “stuff” photos.  Idiot, ridiculous, lazy-a$$ dogs.


That couch’s days are numbered — it’s soon to move into the Black Horse Studio where the guys have been recording!  See more at (Also I think JT is going to post up his latest Craigslist find there soon.  He drug me up to Godfrey, IL last week for this thing.  And that’s how I got my rugs.  #lifeisatradeoff)

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter everyone.  I should have some good stuff in the hopper next week (semi-Easter pun intended).  Cheers – CT

New Stuff!

Who doesn’t love new stuff?  I’ve been doing a January purge and somehow having some free space makes me think I need to hit the thrifts (plus we have been on a lamp quest as noted in the previous post . . .)

So what did I find while out and about?


A few little treasures and trinkets . . . (or random junk, the definition is all subjective!)

Like a banjo back from Kenrick Antique Mall.  Maybe someday JT will find a neck and put the whole thing together.  For now I just like it’s shiny (and nearly impossible to photograph) wood grain and cool eagle graphic.


(PS – We had the backdrop all set up for an eBay photo shoot so I thought I would try out my thrift find photography too.  It’s an old bed sheet stretched across the fireplace and clamped with two C-clamps to either corner.  Pretty classy. )

What else?  A little trophy-esque urn planter from St. Vincent de Paul.  I need another planter like I need a hole in the head but I just couldn’t leave this guy behind.  Right now it’s sitting empty on the window sill and I love it even like that.


Some great fabric (about 2 yards and probably 54″ wide) also from St. Vincent de Paul on the same trip.  I had just left the dentist and thought I needed a little treat. . . . Am I the only one who goes thrifting as an antidote to the dentist? At any rate, pillows to follow!


And this cool Moravian Star light . . .


It needs wiring and a good clean-up.  There is one little sliver of glass missing in one of the points but nothing major.  We looked at some places to put this up around the house during the great lamp debacle and I think it may be headed for the bedroom.  Considering they have a slightly larger one for sale at Shades of Light for $269 I think we got a steal!  The ladies checking out behind me at Value Village thought so too . . . I had to run out of there with my new light fixture pretty quick!

That’s my January thrifts — I’m going to try to steer clear for the rest of the month as I do a final purge of the house.  (And then, as usual when I drop off at Goodwill, I make my donation in the back and promptly walk around front and look through all their stuff for something new to drag home.  Oh well, maybe it’s a one in, one out situation.)

Speaking of one in, one out I also reposted the cute vinyl chair we had at the Green Shag Market sale on Craigslist.  The poor thing has been languishing in the basement holding up my wine shelves and it’s time for it to move on to a home free of chair-hoarders.  Do you want to adopt it?  Ad here.



You know everything looks better with a sheepskin on it!  Cheers – CT

Call it serendipity.

For some reason I kept finding these chairs in our alley (two pairs at two very different times.  Like months apart.)

For some reason they didn’t sell at the Green Shag sale . . .

I’m going with serendipity because now that we’ve brought in our tulip table (which in another hit of serendipity is also from Ikea), the wood chairs seem to be just the thing to balance out the white classic coolness of the table.

Here’s a few of the ‘before’ shots — first we had the rectangular wood table with the MCM sofa, then the Tulip with the MCM sofa and two Karim Rashid Oh Chairs. . .

The Oh chairs were a Christmas gift from my mom and I’m holding on to them for seating on the back porch (a scary room I have yet to share on the blog).  The MCM sofa found a new home via Craigslist and I hope it will be much loved.

(The image above shows our lovely St. Louis Rams getting destroyed while playing the Patriots in London.  I’m not much into sports but I am jealous that they got a trip to London. All in a Sunday afternoon — watching football, taking blog photos, folding laundry and making kale soup – you know, the usual.)

We’re loving our new setup — while I enjoyed having the sofa act as banquette seating, it’s also nice to be able to move the table a little closer to the windows and the new layout allows the drapes to be a little more flow-y and nice.  Now I have to go update our floor plan — again!  More changes to come  . . . . and I think in November we’re going to start some projects in the bedroom as well.  Last room of the house to get any attention!  Cheers – CT

(P.S. I would also call it serendipity that I bought so many faux sheepskins on our last Ikea run — they really help soften up the wood chairs and they help me get in the mood for all the fall/winter activities soon to be upon us.)