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Baumritter “Man Chair” updates

The $13 Man’s Chair in Living Analog’s living room got a little bit of a spiff up.  The straps that the seat cushion sat on were permanently warped down, down, down and they were old.  So old that they no longer had any flex and were now hard, brittle and flaky.  Time for new.  Right Shenanigan?

Did you break one?  No worries.  I turned to my trusty old friend Amazon and ordered this black webbing.  Then JT wrestled with the chair (it rocks so it was kind of hard to hold it in place) and staple-gun strong-armed in the new straps.  Much better.

The chair also had a bunch of finish runs and blobs.  I decided to try out the Howard’s Restor-a-Finish since I had seen it work so many wonders on Mr. Modtomic’s blog.

And wonderful it was.  We picked it up from the paint and stain aisle at our nearby Home Depot.  I just grabbed the first one I saw and it worked out but if you try this one at home be sure to check — the Howard’s Restor-a-Finish comes in different colors depending on the wood finish you’re working with.

So we’re back to sittin’ pretty.

Next up for this guy will be upholstery.  But he’s low on the list — first I have to do the Danish Daybeds I have languishing in the basement. And another project in the basement has also been started . . . .

But if and when Man Chair does get new upholstery, I’m thinking a leather/vinyl might be nice since our leather sofa is going bye-bye soon.  Something like this . . . but maybe in white?

Image via

Enjoy your short week everyone!  Cheers – CT

Living Analog Living Room, Rearranged

Hey everyone — since we found our new thrift store chair, the living room became a mad jumble.  And then I promised more pictures.  I was literally thisclose to doing a post about how all the furniture in our house is all set and now it’s time for me to focus on the artwork . . .

But life never really works out the way you plan it!  Once we had determined in the store that New Chair was a rocker, I knew we would be buying it.  I had seen a sign up front that said all furniture was 50% off.

But lo and behold, when we went to check out, it was 75% off!!  The chair and ottoman were only $12.25 (before tax!)  Into the SUV it went. 

So here’s the new living room . . .

The big rolling cabinet our TV used to sit on went to Craigslist and met its new owner last night.  That shorter TV stand was donated from my mother.  It’s part of her Danish Modern buys for our house in Wisconsin and had been sitting unused in her basement.  We sprung for some new casters at Home Depot (one had gone missing during the multiple moves this guy has endured over the years.  I should have taken a picture of the remote control that was still stashed in that drawer.  Back to the Future classic.)

And another angle.

Yes I put my ZZ plant in the fireplace.  That fireplace is really starting to bother me. (And also the Target/Aalto-knock off blonde bentwood stool next to New Chair is temporary as well.  More furniture to hunt for!  But if a man’s going to sit in his man chair, he needs a place to set his whiskey.  Or so I’ve been told.)

The nice thing about our new chair is not only is the chair seat a rocker but the ottoman has two positions — up like you see in the photo for maximum comfort while sitting in the chair — but also it sits down so a person can sit on just the ottoman.  I’ve got another post in the hopper about what we’ve done to the chair so far (new webbing/strapping and some finish fixes, exciting stuff! Not to worry, there is also a plan for new upholstery in the future.)

No post of mine would be complete without gratiuitous dog images, so here is what Shenanigan did as soon as we removed the chair cushions to work on the seat.  Quite the princess and the pea, isn’t he?

Cow bell fever

Shenanigan has the fever.  And the only cure is some more cow bell.  The little monkey is always scratching/kicking at the back door to be let out.  I decided to make him a bell to help reduce the wear and tear on our door . . . .

(See how scratched up the paint is on the door?  I finally got around to painting that, mostly as part of this project.  Yay!  We still need to put a sweep on the bottom of the door though . . . .boo.)

Out came the $13 ball ‘o twine that I used to crochet my ZZ plant’s snuggie pot.  There’s still a ton of twine left so I cut about 16 pieces to use for my braided rope.  I simply put a twist tie in the middle, had the husband hold on and twisted each end counter-clockwise.  Then they wanted to wrap around each other, creating a twist/rope/braid thing.

Next the cowbells.  I just wove them into the bottom of the twine rope/braid/twist and tied it off. 

Now for the training . . .  Shenanigan says you want me to ring what?

To be fair, I did try to photograph Sophie as well but every time the camera comes out she runs for her life. . .

Actually, the bell is starting to catch on.  We’ve been encouraging Shenanigan to ring it every time he goes outside and he’s willing to do whatever stupid thing we make him do if we’ll just open that door!  So hopefully the new paint job will remain intact.  I’m going to withhold judgement on that one . . .

And, coming soon . . . . a new chair for the Living Analog living room.  I am officially a chair (and ottoman) hoarder.  But it rocks and the ottoman tilts up OR lays flat.  And it was $13 for the set . . . . so home it came.  We may have had to rearrange the whole living room and put some furniture on Craigslist but I can’t resist a vintage chair and JT can’t resist a rocker.  I have a feeling this will be my old man’s old man chair.

To Sell or Not to Sell . . .

I know what a first world problem, right?

Such is the drama that is my life (and for that I am oh so thankful, let me tell you.)

So — to sell or not to sell?  Living Analog’s living room (and music room) is beginning to look like  a game of MCM musical chairs.  Something has to be done.  But the Hans Wenger knock-offs I just got at the auction are staying.  The Eames rocker that was gifted to JT is DEFINITELY staying.  The white vinyl Kroehler that JT found for $30 at Goodwill and used all through college is definitely staying.  The MCM chair gifted from my grandma is definitely staying . . .  Do we sense a pattern here? 

This guy is the only one I’m not über attached to but I’m not sure if I’m ready to quit him yet.

I don’t really have a spot for him now, but maybe in the next house?

I think I’m just stringing myself along — the next house won’t be anytime soon and in the meantime there are at least three more chairs and two ottomans in the basement that I think I want to keep after I fix them up so . . . I think it may be time to sell.  I’m gonna miss you, little white fiberglass Eames knock-off desk chair.  You never really had a fighting chance in the Living Analog living room.  And once you’re gone, I’ll probably have some serious regrets about selling you.  Oh well, a chair hoarder’s gotta do what a chair hoarder’s gotta do — thin the herd to make room for some new chairs!

Auction Action

Sunday was the big auction at Vandeventer Vintage.  The small-ish shop filled up with other dealers, antique mallers and assorted “vintage vultures” (as Dabito at Old Brand New calls them/us).  The action got started right at 1pm and for me a few unsuccessful attempts at bidding –first for an awesome Lucite book stand (you all know I love me some Lucite!) and then for a pair of Paul Klee paintings.  I could have gone a little higher but I was waiting for Lot #100 — a pair of Hans  Wegner (esque) rope/jute folding chairs.  These had some wear to them so they came with two sheepskins (real and vintage) and you all know how I LOVE sheepskins. .

So . . . here’s the living room on Sunday night after a major rearrangement:

And again in the morning light:

And as seen by a lazy sprawled out dog . . .

(There’s another lazy dog on the sofa hiding behind the sofa arm. They can’t be bothered to get out of the way for the sake of photos.)

I was also lucky/determined enough/coughed up enough cash to win Lot #56 – an arc lamp:

It’s been a nice addition to the living room.  I’m typing under it right now . . .

The base actually disguises a real-honest-to-goodness brick to act as a counterbalance to the light fixture proper.

I’m not 100% sold on it though because it’s a little brassier then I usually bring home . . .  Mr. Modtomic not only has a nice video of the auctioneer from Sunday running through his patter (favorite line: “You got to find ’em first!”, repeated 100 times) and also has some awesome CHROME arc lamps he scored this weekend.  Jealous. (Check it out here and here).

But I’m definitely keeping the pair of chairs . . . (do you know how hard it can be to find things in pairs?)

Then the weekend wrapped up with a bang when JT found two guitars on Craigslist calling his name.  Quote from the guy he bought them from “When I buy things, I like to buy them in pairs”.  Me too, random Craigslist dude, me too.

Maybe JT will be back with a guitar post.  It’s been awhile, I bet you miss him.  The guitars are identical except their finish — this one is my favorite of the pair:

I can’t choose between Hans and Wenger though.  They’re both my favorites!

1st attempt at auctions . . . wish me luck!

I heard about (e.g. read about) from my go-to source for all St. Louis vintage modern, Mister Modtomic, that there is a big auction this Sunday at Vandeventer Vintage.  Yes, that Vandeventer Vintage . . . the one that brought us Paul!

I still love me some Paul.

At the auction on Sunday there will be some more Paul . . . but I’m also kind of eyeing the Paulettes — the McCobb wannabes.

Like this one.

Hello darling.

It looks like there will also be some smalls which might be good for those of us who don’t want to part with large bills.

Hello Nelson clock.  (Although you still may require parting with some large bills . . . )

There also is some music-related “man stuff” (I type with a dose of sarcasm) so hopefully JT won’t mind accompanying me on my first foray into the auction world.

There is a preview between noon and 1pm and the real thing starts at 1:00.  I didn’t actually post images of what I’m really on the prowl for because that might be giving myself competition!  Check out Vandeventer Vintage’s Flickr page for images of all the rest of the items up for grabs.  Any guesses as to what I’m really after?  Here’s a hint — good things come in pairs!

Have a great weekend everyone!  We’re also attempting to get lucky getting our 2nd stove off Craigslist . .. yeah that one that was in all the “Kitchen’s finished” pictures is gone and we have had a gaping hole there for a week . . . And it’s “Cinco de Derby” (right Jess?)  Cheers!  CT

Dip It?

When the blogger’s away . . . . she’s working on more projects so she can have something to blog about?

Or she’s having a melt-down about her job/future/creative career path and can’t get to the computer?

Take your pick . . .

At any rate, this blogger is back with a question – should I dip it?

Let me clarify — there seems to be a growing trend of furniture/decorative items that are partially painted/dipped.  Case in point, these gorgeous chairs I first saw on Desire to Inspire —


Now I have 4 matching chairs being hoarded in my basement and I’m thinking they might look a lot better getting this “dipped” treatment . .

What do you think?

Little things can make a big difference!

We’re kind of bogged down in the middle of a bunch of projects right now and I haven’t wanted to post blog updates of every minute detail.  It’s the after shots that are so much fun, not the little incremental during shots. 

We did what we thought would be a little project last Saturday that in true DIY form, turned into a big project (or at least time wise.)

The music room has been mostly done for a while but the door has always bothered me.  All the other doors in our house are solid core old wood doors with Art Deco knobs.  The music room door was a cheapo solid core door FAUX PAINTED (by the previous owners, obviously) to look like wood with a hideous brass knob.  It was time for it to get lost.  We had hunted around the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a new/old door with no luck.  Then we remembered there was one in the garage . . . . that used to be the back door on the house before the sun porch was added on . . . and it was a (almost) perfect fit!

It wasn’t really a perfect fit.  JT performed door surgery and cut off a lot of rotted stuff at the bottom, notched out space for the hinges, then had to shim and shim and shim (and then power sand) for this thing to fit.

But through sheer willpower and determination, he got it to fit.  And it was worth it.

It’s a relatively small change that makes such a big difference!  Now we can see into our magical little music room haven but keep the pesky peeing Sophie from visiting her new favorite spot on the rug.  Light can flow through the whole house.

The music room beckons you in to hang out and relax (and play a guitar if you are so inclined).

It’s not all the way done — JT has the knob soaking in a concoction of chemicals to get some paint off (the previous homeowners were very liberal in their application of white paint and we find it most of everywhere).  So the new/old knob still has to go back on.  We’re also going to install some blinds on the music room side of the door so if we have a house crasher/overnight guest they can sleep in privacy. 

Here’s the view from the other side:

(See Mr. Shenanigan peering in? — the bottom panes are just at nosy dog height).  The black chair is just visiting the music room temporarily. . . .  it has been preempted from its (new) normal spot by, of all things, the refrigerator.

Yup, kitchen tile is HAPPENING!  Wednesday night folks.  I’m so excited.  All these little (and big) projects makes this old house feel like our home.  

Have a great week everyone!  Since our kitchen is in disarray I will be eating lots of fast food, tiling my heart out and enjoying every second.

Weekends are for Thrifting, right?

JT and I hit up the Green Shag Market this weekend.  After seeing it on Mister Modtomic’s blog and realizing it was a mere 2.3 miles from my house, there was no resisting.  With an open span of time on Saturday I could have spent on all of my 50 ongoing projects, I couldn’t ignore the siren call of a new and unexplored antique mall so gosh-darn close by. 

And it was worth it . . . .

There have been many-a-time that I have browsed through aisle after aisle of an antique mall (junk mall in my mind) and come away with nothing that just needed to come home with me.  This weekend I found two things — an amazingly non-smelly Pendleton wool blanket and a vinyl ottoman I’m pretty sure my grandparents owned at some point in the 70s.

What with it being a bone chilling 10 degrees out, a wool blanket seemed like a no-brainer.  I loved the colors and pattern and then I saw the little blue tag.

See, you don’t have to go to Target for designer names.  And it was $30 less than a nearly identical one I found on eBay. 

Shenanigan quickly proved himself the world’s best circus dog by trying out the ottoman.  I think because of his short little stubby legs, he likes to have a higher vantage point and gets up on everything.  We even find him laying across the top of the sofa sometimes like a 55 pound tabby cat.

I had been eyeing all the knitted poufs that seem to be all the rage now (see this one at cb2) and considering trying to maybe D.I.Y. one of those so I’m glad we stumbled upon this ottoman instead.  I don’t really have time to finish all the current D.I.Y. projects I have going on, let alone start a new one.  For now both thrifty picks have found their way into the music room but at this house, things move around . . . a lot!

We had some friends over for brunch on Sunday (yay New Year’s resolution in action!) and one of our friends said “Where do you FIND all this stuff?”  It was interesting to step back and look at our house through the eyes of others.  While JT and I are thoroughly enmeshed in a world of thrift and vintage, not everyone shops that way.  I like to think of it as being environmentally conscious and trying not to buy something new when a used version exists that might find its way into the landfill. 

Underneath it all, I think I nurture a strange pride at being able to pull together inexpensive items and make our home feel warm and inviting and not cheap.  There’s also the thrill of the hunt.  It’s fun (for me) to “pick”.    (I must clarify though, I’m a mid-level scavenger.  I’m willing to pay a little more to people who have already done some of the digging and leg work for me.)  And so while it may seem strange to some people, I still find it a compliment when people marvel at all the miscellaneous items in our home.  We’ll call it eclectic and everybody wins.

Update: After I published this, I realized it was our 100th post.  Since gratuitous pet pictures are our thing, I thought I would add one of Shenanigan the circus dog giving me a low five as a small congratulations on #100.


Meet Mr. McCobb . . . I mean Paul

I have been agonizing for a few short weeks now about what piece of furniture to replace the buffet that I moved into the kitchen.  It all came to its fruition on Friday when JT and I took the magic furniture-hauling Saturn for a visit to Vandeventer Vintage.  After seeing it featured on Mister Modtomic’s blog and knowing it was dangerously close to our house, I felt compelled to stop by.

I went there with an ulterior motive.  I went there to meet Paul.

Hi Paul.

Or would you prefer to be called Mr. McCobb?

No?  Paul’s okay?

Well, Paul, I think you were meant to be a desk of some sort, but you don’t mind being a bar do you?

You display bottles so well and can hide them away when our friends come over.

You have handy little drawers for all our accessories and an unopened bottle of wine fits perfect into the cubby holes that used to be meant for office supplies.  That’s not a coincedence, right?

And you have so much space for all our wine glasses below . . .

Welcome to our house Paul.  We hope you like living here.


So, that’s our big furniture news.  After plotting and planning about glass shelves and hutches and tall cabinets, we ended up with this.  I guess the joke’s on me.  I took down the artwork that was hanging on that wall but have yet to finalize things there . . . now I’m looking for a large statement piece to finish up that piece of wall.   Paul’s already doing a pretty good job and we couldn’t be happier with him.  Check out Vandeventer Vintage’s Flickr photostream for more items in their store . . . . I may be headed back for the marble coffee table so leave that one for me please.  Thanks!